Name: Ms. Liyan

JobTitle: Party vice-secretary/vice-director

Phone: 86-27-83692741


Details: Party affairs and HR of TJPHARM / Academic Affairs of TJMC

Name: Mr. XIANG, Guangya

JobTitle: Vice Dean

Phone: 86-27-83692793


Details: Responsible for scientific research and development, lab safety

Name: Mr. Zhou zhengzhang

JobTitle: Deputy party secretary

Phone: 86-27-83692735


Details: Be responsible for the promotion of the students, the communist youth league, propaganda, united front and alumni

Name: Mr. Zhang, Yonghui

JobTitle: Dean

Phone: 86-27-83692892


Details: Responsible for All of the Routine Business of College of Pharmacy

Name: Xiang Ming

JobTitle: Vice Dean

Phone: 86-27-83692745


Details: Fully responsible for undergraduates(including international students) education