Phone: 027-83692745

Email: yuzhang@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: pharmacology

Research Interests: The molecular crosstalk between the inflammation and metabolic syndromes, NF-B and inflammation.

Academic Degrees

2009/09-2014/06   Ph.D. in Department of Cell and Developmental Biology College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

2005/09-2009/07   B.S. in College of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China

Professional Experience

2014/09-            Lecturer,Tongji School of Pharmacy, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Selected Publications

  1. Zhang,Y., Lei, C.Q., Hu, Y. H., Xia, T., Li, M., Zhong B., Shu, H.B.*. Kruppel-like factor 6 is a co-activator of NF-kappaB that mediates p65-dependent transcription of selected downstream genes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 2014; 289(18): 12876-12885 
  2. Lei, C. Q., Zhong, B., Zhang, Y., Zhang, J., Wang, S., and Shu, H. B.*. Glycogen synthase kinase 3beta regulates IRF3 transcription factor-mediated antiviral response via activation of the kinase TBK1. Immunity 2010; 33(6): 878-889
  3. Chen, R., Li, M., Zhang, Y., Zhou, Q., and Shu, H.B.*. The E3 ubiquitin ligase MARCH8 negatively regulates IL-1beta-induced NF-kappaB activation by targeting the IL1RAP coreceptor for ubiquitination and degradation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2012; 109(35): 14128-14133  
  4. Hu, Y.H., Zhang, Y., Jiang, L.Q., Wang, S., Lei, C.Q., Sun, M.S., Shu, H.B., and Liu, Y. *. EMBO Reports 2015; 16(4): 447-455
  5. Hu, M. M., Yang, Q., Zhang, J., Liu, S. M., Zhang, Y., Lin, H., Huang, Z. F., Wang, Y. Y., Zhang, X. D., Zhong, B., and Shu, H.B.*. TRIM38 inhibits TNFalpha- and IL-1beta-triggered NF-kappaB activation by mediating lysosome-dependent degradation of TAB2/3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014; 111(4): 1509-1514 
  6. Zhong, B., Zhang, Y., Tan, B., Liu, T. T., Wang, Y. Y., and Shu, H. B.*. The E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF5 targets virus-induced signaling adaptor for ubiquitination and degradation. Journal of Immunology 2015; 184(11): 6249-6255  
  7. Lei, C. Q., Zhang, Y., Xia, T., Jiang, L. Q., Zhong, B., and Shu, H.B.*. FoxO1 negatively regulates cellular antiviral response by promoting degradation of IRF3. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 2013; 288(18): 12596-12604 
  8. Lei, C. Q., Zhang, Y., Li, M., Jiang, L. Q., Zhong, B., Kim, Y. H., and Shu, H.B.*. ECSIT Bridges RIG-I-Like Receptors to VISA in Signaling Events of Innate Antiviral Responses. Journal of Innate Immunity 2015; 7(2): 153-164  

Courses Taught

1002181   The structure and function of biomacromolecule

1002211   Biotechnological pharmaceutics

0702272   Genomics and proteomics

1002171   Biochemical drugs preparation technology

1001081   Biochemistry

514.512   Pharmaceutical biotechnology


  1. The negative regulation mechanisms of Betatrophin on the TNFa- or IL-1b induced NF-kB activation. (Natural Science Foundation of China, 31500706, 2016-2018)
  2. The regulation of Betatrophin on the NF-kB activation in diabetes. (Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province, 2015CFB245, 2015-2016)
  3. The mechanisms of deubiquitinase USPx on the regulation of diabetic inflammatory switch NF-kB. (Fundamental Research Fund for the Central Universities, 2016YXMS143,  2016-2018)
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