The 2016 Annual Pharmacy Graduates Symposium was held in Tongji Medical College’s Lecture Hall on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016. Three distinguished professors, Professor and Director Jiandong Jiang from Medical Biotechnology Institute of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Hongxiang Lou from School of Pharmacy at Shandong University, and Professor and Dean Haiping Hao from School of Pharmacy at China Pharmaceutical University, were invited to give seminars in the Symposium. The Symposium was hosted by Vice Dean Guangya Xiang. Dean Yonghui Zhang, Secretary Yan Li, Vice Secretary Zhenghang Zhou, Vice Deans Ming Xiang and Kaiping Wang as well as all graduate students have attended the Symposium.

Dean Yonghui Zhang gave talks to all graduate students encouraging the dedication to scientific research for human health improvement. Professors Jiandong Jiang, Hongxiang Lou and Haiping Hao presented excellent seminars on the topics of pharmacy perspective, natural products, and metabolism regulation.

In the second-half of Symposium, Vice Secretary Zhenghang Zhou announced policies for the School’s Honor Award, and then outstanding graduate students have received their certificates for being entitled with “Academic Star”. After helpful advices from Vice Dean Kaiping Wang, sixteen outstanding graduate students gave oral presentation in the Symposium.

Active academic event is one of the keys in graduate program of School of Pharmacy. The Annual Pharmacy Graduates Symposium has been a distinct academic event in School of Pharmacy.