On April 2nd, 2018, Our School of Pharmacy, Tongji Medical College hosted a teaching seminar, aiming to construct a training system for pharmaceutical innovative talents. Ye Min, vice Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Peking University, and Zhang Xuemei, vice Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Fudan University were invited and all the members from our school attended the meeting.

The seminar was presided by Professor Xiang Ming, vice Dean of our school. During the seminar, Professor Ye Min gave a speech on “Exploration and Consideration of the Cultivation Model for the Undergraduate Talents of the School of Pharmacy of Peking University”, while Professor Zhang Xuemei’s speech was on “The Education of Pharmacy Undergraduates of Fudan University under the Double-First Class background”. And then Professor Xiang Ming’s topic was about “The Research on the Training Mode of Pharmaceutical Innovative Talents”. Each of them introduced the characteristics and methods of educating pharmaceutical talents in their own school. The curriculum setting and the training mode of the course system for the cultivation of pharmaceutical innovative talents were discussed in depth during the seminar.

Professor Zhang Yonghui, Dean of school of pharmacy, Tongji Medical College, made a summarization at the end of the seminar, pointing out that the talent training mode must keep up with the current situation and be reformed and innovated. To achieve the pharmaceutical innovative talents is the final goal of the talent training system of our school.

The seminar laid a foundation for the further establishment of a training system for pharmaceutical innovative talents.