At the night of 24 April, 2018, the 23rd Annual Growth Cup “Ode to the Youth” Cultural Show was successfully held on the third floor of the student dining hall in Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Deng Jingping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji Medical College, Liu Huixiang, director of the General Office, together with all the guests from different departments was presented in the show. And Ms. Chen Guixian, one of the main promoters of the first “Ode to the Youth” party and sales director of Zhejiang Jimintang Pharmaceutical Trading Co. Ltd, who named and sponsored this evening party were invited.

At 7:30pm, with the countdown of the opening video, the party officially started. The passionate opening dance "My New Clothes" made the hall a sea of joy. Then, the song "The Decade" perfectly blended the Cantonese and Mandarin lyrics, and brought perfect audiovisual experience to the audience with the gorgeous stage design. The sketch "Life in School" was full of punch lines and thus laughter wouldn’t stop. The following folk dance “Big Fish” by the juniors and sophomores was incredible and intoxicating. The lectures and professors in our school were also participated in the show with a song "Classic Spreads Forever" which brought the most beautiful aspect of Chinese traditional culture to the audience. The creative program “Small Person Dancing Battle" impressed the audience with recently pop dances in the form of dwarf. The hip-hop "Asceticism", "Love Dance" and "Dancing time" performed by Chinese and international students made the applause from the audience unceasing. And then the song “Yellow” and “Miracle Happened Again” brought by the band “Eating Jujubes and Pills” which is composed of seniors and sophomores set the party on fire. There has become a sea of passion on stage and off. Then the musical “Never Say Goodbye” reminded the audience of their school life these years in the form of dance.

The party came to an end with a show named “Red Dragonfly” performed by the graduation generation 2014. The 23th gala of "The Ode to Youth" wrote the spirit of school of pharmacy which is built on our past achievements, and depicted the happiness and movements of youth. It is an incredible night.