At 2 pm on May 21, 2018, the 2018 International Synthetic Biological Conference organized by the School of Pharmacy was held in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of No. 2 Teaching Building, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Several guests have been invited to attend the conference. They were academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Sun Handong, Zhang Lihe and Deng Zixin, 12 distinguished guests from University of Marburg, Germany, Professor Liu Xuewei from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Professor Dai Mingji from Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, representative from Wuhan Association for Science and Technology, representative from the affiliated hospital, academic staff from school of pharmacy, HUST, and all graduate students. Professor Chen Jianguo, Vice President of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Party committee secretary and Dean of the Tongji Medical College, gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. The conference was hosted by Wan Qian, Deputy Dean of School of Pharmacy, HUST.

During the conference, Professor Chen Jianguo gave a general introduction on University comprehensive strength and the development made in medical area. And the achievements of school of pharmacy made in team building, personnel training, scientific research, and the international communication in recent years were also introduced. He expected this conference will lead the international cooperation between both parties into a higher level. Professor Keusgen presented the communication, development and exchanges between academic staff and students of two pharmacy schools which established a profound friendship between these two parties. China has a bright future and its scientific research strength and scientific achievements have been rapidly enhanced. It is believed that the close cooperation between two universities will achieve great success.

After the opening ceremony, several lectures were given by academician Sun Handong and Deng Zixin, Prof. Carsten Culmsee, Vice President of the School of Pharmacy of Marburg University, Prof. Moritz K. Buenemann, Prof. Xuewei Liu and Prof. Mingji Dai on the latest research progress in their respective academic fields, and then followed by interactively communication with nearly 200 participating staff and students on the cutting-edge research topics on synthetic biology. In the end, Professor Li Shuming, the Changjiang Scholar, professor of our school and Marburg University gave a final speech, congratulated the successful outcome of the conference. And the special thanks were given to the organizers and volunteers for their strong support to this conference. It is hoped that this conference will be an opportunity to promote our university to make greater achievements in the field of synthetic biology and thus to benefit the society.