The School offers the majors of pharmaceutical science (national specialty), pharmaceutical business trade, and biopharmaceutical science. The biopharmaceutical science is the national base for life science and technology education and became the national pilot innovative zone for talent education since 2008. There are 750 enrolled students, including about 400 undergraduates, 200 graduates, and 90 international students.

The School offers pharmacy program for postdoctoral training, awarding doctoral degrees in 6 pharmacy program areas, including Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmaceutical, awarding master’s degrees in all program areas of pharmacy’s secondary disciplines. Pharmacology is the national key secondary discipline (in cultivation). Pharmacy is the Hubei provincial key first discipline. Natural Medicinal Chemistry and Resources Evaluation is the key laboratory of Hubei province.

The academic research in School of Pharmacy focus on diseases related to malignancy, cardiovascular, nervous system, diabetes, immune system, and respiratory system, by developing and combining the state-of-art research tools in computational drug design, lead compound discovery and design, quality evaluation of medicinal resources, fundamental pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic properties and mechanism, new type of pharmaceuticals, and quality control.