associate professor

Phone: 027-83692745


Academic Areas:pharmaceutical analysis

Research Interests:1. Quality evaluation and active substance research of traditional Chinese medicine and natural drugs resources; 2. Application of Biotechnology in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Drugs. 3. Drug development

Academic Degrees

Professional Experience

1993.7 ~ 1994.7: She went to Japan Osaka University for further education, taking basic experimental study of Alisma orientalis and Prunella vulgaris and other traditional Chinese medicine on the prevention and treatment of calcium oxalate urolithiasis .

2000.2 ~ 2001.2: In the University of Kentucky Institute of Tobacco and Health Institute, she engaged in the technical learning of molecular analysis of plant aging, plant transformation, and plant tissue culture.

2004.10 ~ 2004.12: She received National Scholarship Fund to go to Japan's Northeastern University School of Pharmacy, to engage in learning molecular biology, screening natural products with the promotion nerve growth factor activity.

Selected Publications

Working Papers

Awards and Honors

Courses Taught

1. Pharmacognosy,

2. Authentication of Chinese Medicines, Medical Botany.

3. Speaker teachers of the Provincial quality courses Pharmacognosy .


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